Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Question: What is the purpose of this website?
Answer: The creator of this site wasn't very good at tossing coins or coins were often not available. In case of doubt, a true random decision had to be made, that's where this tool comes in.

Question: Haven't I seen this thing somewhere before?
Answer: You might have, in various forms. It's not like two snails racing each other is such a groundbreaking concept. The concept is heavily inspired by an equally useful, tiny web application, aptly named The Universal Decision Maker, built by Sam Foster somewhere around 2000. It was part of a competition to build web-applications of up to 5 Kilobytes in size.

Question: This website is stupid.
Answer: Not a question, but thank you for reminding us.

Question: Your code sucks.
Answer: Not a question, but so does yours.

Question: I want to contact you, for whatever reason.
Answer: Please use the contact form to do so. Sorry for only providing this awkward means of communicating, but we need to filter through a lot of junk.